Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rembering the Scooter...

When New York Yankees legend Phil Rizzuto passed away Monday, the sports world not only lost a Hall of Fame player and seven-time world champion, it lost one of the sports' most unique characters. An honest broker who called things like he saw them on the field, "The Scooter" was the voice of Summer to millions of Yankee fans, and even kids like me that grew up rooting for the Mets.

One of our favorite writers here at Bark Back, Steve Hart from the Staten Island Advance, had a great piece on Rizzuto yesterday on their blog:

Even Met Fans Appreciated Scooter
By Stephen Hart

You didn't have to be a Yankees fan to feel a little twinge of sorrow Tuesday with the news of the death of Phil Rizzuto. Regardless of whom you rooted for, you couldn't help but laugh when Rizzuto was at his peak calling the Bronx Bombers in the 1970s and '80s. It wasn't just that he was an unabashed "homer" -- although his overt cheering for the Pinstripes was never taken seriously by fans of the opposition, unlike many of today's home broadcasters who lack Rizzuto's charm.
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Carter McCoy said...

As a kid growing up in New Orleans, I hated the Yankees, but when I would visit family in New York, they'd have them on all the time and they all loved Rizzuto. Even we country boys recognized "Holy Cow"