Friday, August 31, 2007

President Bush does something ... right?!?

Clearly, I've landed on Bizarro World. (It am square.) Bush called up and apologized to an Iraq war widow ... of the Wiccan faith? She had been excluded from a presidential meeting of war widows earlier in the week, and it certainly seemed to be an intentional slight, mostly because she had fought to have the Wiccan symbol allowed on government-issued grave markers.

But Dubya called her up and did the right thing. Who can figure? With Bush, he probably heard "Wiccan" and thought she made baskets.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it seems quite fitting that Bush would console someone of the Wiccan Faith, considering all the time he spent growing up with old Babs.

Tony Tiger in Austin

Carter McCoy said...

For once, the president does something that the other side has been calling for for months and when he does, he does not do it up to your standards.
I guess he should issue a public APOLOGY because he offended the sensiblities of a witch during wartime.

Joel T. said...

Wicca -- ah Wicca. Thou art my faith.