Monday, August 20, 2007

Bush fiddles while the United States burns

By Michael Hart
The historical search to assess whether Dubya is the all-time worst U.S president is fine, but I think we need to go much farther back to find an appropriate comparison, I’m thinking of the Emperor Nero fiddling away while Rome burned (and that is giving Dubya too much credit because Nero was much more accomplished as a ruler - read about his achievements).

Bush’s disasters just keep coming and we will be paying the price for his misadventures (if it was not so sad, maybe they could make a comedy show out of his tenure, “Lil’ Bush” on Comedy Central was on the right track) for years to come.

Bush/Cheney/Rove, etc. have presided over the worst attack ever on U.S soil, arguably the worst domestic disaster ever with Hurricane Katrina, possibly the most misguided war ever with the Iraq debacle and now - despite claims that our economy is in good shape - the stock markets are in bad shape and major underpinnings of our economy, including loan companies (such as American Mortgage, Countrywide Financial and KKR Financial) are failing.

Meanwhile, Dubya is on another of his extended summer vacations while he contemplates running out the clock on his presidency and returning to Texas.

The fighting to retain control of Afghanistan is as fierce as ever and troops and resources are needed there but the emphasis is still on “the surge” in Iraq. Despite administration claims of progress in many areas, truck bombs killed over 500 people in NW Iraq last week and that was in a primarily Kurdish area that we have had little trouble with before (remote villages of the ancient Yazidi sect near the Syrian border).

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Carter McCoy said...

Once again, everything from a terrorist attack to a hurricane is the fault of one George W. Bush.
Also, quoting the vice-president from 15 years ago, when the situation on the ground in the Middle East was completely different just silly and proves nothing.