Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Departure of Bush's brain raises many questions

By Scott Cavanagh
Whitehouse adviser Karl Rove's sudden decision to step down at month's end raises some pretty interesting questions about the future of the Bush presidency and the strategy behind the timing of his departure.

On the surface, it appears nothing more than the beginnings of the dismantling of an administration with no legislative agenda for the rest of it's tenure, but with possible congressional subpoenas on the horizon, and the Dems chomping at the bit for '08, don't expect Rove to sit on the sidelines for very long. The question is, despite all of his political skill, will any GOP candidate dare associate himself with Rove?

-Check out the video of Keith Olbermann's piece on Rove's departure with the author of Bush's Brain.

-While his public persona might be less than stellar, there are a lot of things Rove can still do to help the GOP.


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Carter McCoy said...

Rove's ability to sway both elections and public opinion are verrry overrated. He managed to get his man elected, but his tactics have cost the GOP dearly and have turned off an entire generation of young people.