Saturday, August 4, 2007

Murdoch's acquisition of Dow Jones another blow to power balance in American journalism

By Scott Cavanagh
Right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch's acquisition of Dow Jones Inc., and by virtue The Wall Street Journal, serves as yet another blow to the already distorted balance of power in the American media.

In the more than a quarter century since the Reagan Administration's dissolution of The Fairness Doctrine, the concentration of available media outlets controlled by conservative power brokers has reached epidemic proportions and threatens our ability to maintain one of the Founding Fathers' necessities for a true and free republic -- an educated and well-informed populace.

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Ken in Ohio said...

I don't think the further domination of the American media by right-wing media moguls like Murdoch is a primary hindrance to "an educated and well-informed populace". If the populace were willing and able to be well-informed, such corporate maneuverings and the suspected control or slant of their respective news media would be easily overcome and even laughable.
Not that such consolidation is healthy for free and open journalism -- it's not -- but it's not the primary reason that our populace is becoming more and more uneducated and uninformed.