Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rove's Departure...

Posted by Carter McCoy:
Rove's reputation as a "genius" is a creation of the media. The only thing this guy ever did right was to latch -on to a "Chauncey Gardner" tool, with unlimited fundraising abilities due to his family name. Yes, he won a few elections for the GOP, but the damage he and the neo-cons have done to the reputation and legacy of the proud Republican Party will take years to repair, particularly among young people that have lived with this war and Bush's corporate government for six of their formative years.
Joe Conason has a great piece on Rove's Twisted Legacy posted in The New York Observer.



Ken said...


Ken said...

You have to give Rove some credit for Chauncey's rise to power. He's an evil genius if there ever was one. And I'm not concerned with how long it takes to repair whatever damage he's done to a party who has been wrong about every domestic issue since the time of the suffragists. (Earlier, Lincoln's Whig/Republican party, of course, is not recognizable as today's Republican party.)