Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Readers fire back at Murdoch

Posted by Michael Hart:
The Bancroft family that owns the Wall Street Journal finally relented to Murdoch's bid (doubling their shares from $30 to $60) and sold him the paper. Ugh!!!!!!! Now he will transform it into another vehicle for him to attack Dems; also he is starting a FOX Business Channel in a couple of weeks - another blow. Some editors, writers have now quit the WSJ. the Journal always swung to the right but also did good investigative pieces and was non-biased on business news. Now, as Rachel Maddow said on Olberman's show last night, with Murdoch there, look for news to be slanted or not covered. This is the real fear as she accurately put it: with FOX NEWS and now FOX Business and the Journal, Murdoch will be given more access to lie. Which is what his team argued in a court case the other day - and won! That journalists, under the First Amendment, are - in the name of free speech - allowed to print inaccurate facts, etc. Stuning and sad. Watch her report on the MSNBC site if it is there.

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