Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

Conventional Nuke Threat
Over the past six years, smuggled nuclear devices and homemade "dirty bombs" have been at the center of every worst-case scenario involving threats to national and international security. While those threats are real and need to be addressed, an older, more dangerous menace still hangs like the sword of Damocles over all of our heads -- the increase and spread of conventional nuclear weapons.

For over 30 years people all over the world -- particularly those in the United States and the former Soviet Union -- lived with the never ending fear that someday the world's huge arsenal of its most deadly weapons would be unleashed in a holocaust not seen since the biblical great flood. The fall of the USSR and the easing of relations between the United States, Russia and China relieved much of that fear, but a cold reality remains -- the missiles are still in place, still armed and still pointed at each other -- and they have been joined over the past 20 years by many more missiles in many more places -- a fact that makes former President Jimmy Carter fearful that we might be closer to a world-wide nuclear catastrophe than at any time during the height of the Cold War. Read his thoughts on the matter here.

GOP Sex Scandals
On the heels of Senator Larry Craig's airport bathroom debacle, the GOP chairman of the St. Petersburg City Council recently committed suicide after he was accused of having sex with his two adopted daughters and a nanny. Bill Maher takes a hilarious look at Republican sex scandals in a piece for Huffington Post.

Reliable Source?
CNN 's Howard Kurtz may host a show called "Reliable Sources," but evidently he doesn't feel that news networks, particularly Fox News Channel, have any obligation to be fair and honest brokers of the news. Read his amazing exchange with fellow CNN talking head Glenn Beck here.


Fred in Reno said...

Carter was full of crap and pretentious as hell 25 years ago. He's just as useless now.

Bog Wilder said...

Nothing like a bunch of conservatives getting the freak on!