Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bush bio throws allies under the Iraq bus

By Michael Hart
Keith Olbermann had the big news last night: it turns out that President Bush has cooperated with a Robert Draper to put out his version of the Iraq War for his legacy, and Draper/Bush intend to blame everyone but Dubya for the mess.

In the book, tentatively titled "Dead Certain," Bush says he does not know why the Iraqi military was disbanded and blames Paul Bremer; Mr. Bremer has quickly come out with a signed Bush memo approving the move and refuting Dubya. Dubya/Draper also throw all allies under the bus; they apparently blame John Roberts for suggesting Harriett Miers for the Supreme Court and even blame Karl Rove for picking Dick Cheney.

The best is this: Bush is quoted as saying that he is "playing until Oct. or Nov." when the presidential candidates will be forced to keep the Iraq War going (for decades) meaning he has no intention of drawing down our forces, showing yesterday's comments to be nothing but lies. Olbermann rightfully went off on Dubya in his "Special Comment" and called for his resignation or impeachment.

More people need to do as I have and write to the Democratic Party and tell them that Bush has now given us the words to hang him with -- from his own mouth!

Bill Clinton was on with David Letterman last night for a half-hour and he was very measured, yet insightful as always. He brought up a good point about how our Air Force and Navy are now training to do Army-Marine jobs (if called on) because we simply are stretched too thin.

Sen. Larry Craig is now reconsidering his resignation, this is surprising. I think the Republicans who sought to bury him quickly will not be too happy with this move.

Also, David Addington, a key Cheney counsel, is quoted as saying: "we are only a bomb away from getting rid of that damn (FISA) court." Unbelievable! So, he was hoping for a terrorist attack?


Ken Hart said...

From what I've read, Draper's book isn't a puff piece. For better or worse, he intentionally focused on Bush's attitude and decision-making "process" (if that's the word), not his disastrous policies. Take a look at the NY Times review -- the book makes it clear that Bush loathed contrary opinions, and it sounds like everyone in the White House knew that the easier way to "play" Bush into agreeing with you was to play it up as the Next Big Thing; Bush is obsessed with doing things that are big or consequential, all the more to blot out whatever screwed-up feelings he has about his father's presidency.

Buddy Boy said...

Whatever he makes for this book will be chump change in comparison to what Bubba raked in from his giant book deal.

Anonymous said...

It's about time W did something right. Up to now, choking on a pretzel had been the high point of his presidency.