Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

Looking for someone to blame for nearly five years in Iraq? So was Keith Olbermann -- in a blistering Countdown piece. Check it out here.

President Bush's address to the public last week stressed the positive effects of the "troop surge" on everyday life in Iraq's Anbar Province. In a piece from today's New York Times, writer Gary Langer examines life in that part of the world through the eyes of the people who live there. Read his findings here.

No Bush left behind? While big brother George touts his "No Child Left Behind" program as the one-size-fits-all remedy for all that ails our public school system, little brother Neil Bush is making a fortune in the business of packaging some of that program's more "questionable" educational aids. This despite no background in the education business. Read more here.

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Terry Crowse said...

Looking for someone to blame for Iraq? Look to your representatives in Congress -- chances are, they authorized all or part of this debacle.