Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

It appears the people of Iceland will not be fighting an oil war in the Middle East any time soon. According to a CNN story, that country's continuing 50-year plan to run exclusively on clean, renewable energy has utilized fuel-cell technology to power it's automobiles. Daimler Chrysler is working to develop a fully-functional Mercedes for that market. Will Detroit soon follow suit, or be left behind the learning curve again?

The presence and actions of some of the over 100,00 private security and contract workers in Iraq has finally spurred the Mailiki government to action. Following Tuesday's shooting incident in which Blackwater security forces killed 10 civilians and wounded another 13, the Prime Minister indicated that his government would call for all private contractors to leave Iraq. The shooting was the seventh deadly incident involving Blackwater . The troubles raise the question -- should America be employing a mercenary shadow army?

Long an opponent of our continuing fascination with private armies, the French government will surely be feeling the sting of another O'Reilly Factor boycott and more calls for Freedom Fries following yesterday's announcement that conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy favors a series of economic sanctions against Iran over talk of military strikes.

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