Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bush bluster continues: now we're "kicking ass"

By Scott Cavanagh
Even the most ardent supporters of the Bush Administration and the war effort had to be shocked by the president's blatant attempts this week to sway public opinion just prior to the upcoming Petraeus report to Congress.

The numerous press conferences during his impromptu "visit" with our fighting men and women were one thing, but yesterday's cartoonish cowboy quote about us "kicking ass" in Iraq was another example of Bush playing fast and loose with the truth and the safety of those very soldiers.

From "Bring it On" and "Mission Accomplished" to his early talk about our "crusade" in the Middle East, this president has rarely missed an opportunity to use childish tough guy catch phrases to gloss over the complexities of given situations and paint simple, often incorrect, pictures of realities on the ground.

We were going to "smoke out" the terrorists and Osama bin Laden was "wanted dead or alive," but six years later, the Taliban is on the rise in Afghanistan and Osama is planning the release of his next recruiting commercial.

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Anonymous said...

The stupidity of this president and his manner of communication never ceases to amaze me. "kicking ass?" what world leader speaks like that? What a fool.