Thursday, October 18, 2007

The NCAA Solution that will never happen

By Rick Shade
The real college football season has started. Not the one that's been going on for the past two months on campuses around the country, but rather the yearly debate season pitting those in favor of a championship playoff system against proponents of the Bowl Championship Series and its inherent short-comings.
Fans, coaches and writers from Lafayette to Los Angeles are dusting off their yearly BCS gripe arguments and columns, and with good reason. Can anyone believe that this year's national title game may pit a rebuilding Ohio State team against a University of South Florida squad that did not even exist 11 years ago?

Most would agree that some sort of playoff system is necessary, but the scenarios most often suggested involve a field of four to eight teams -- systems that would create more controversy and solve nothing. If the NCAA Basketball Selection Committee cannot select 65 teams without considerable debate, imagine the clamor over the BCS playoff selection process!
The math simply does not work. Four births in a country with nine conferences and at least one influential independent is a prescription for disaster and never-ending grievances.
The playoff system is not the answer. What college football needs is a major tune-up. Here, for your review and consideration, is the greatest solution that WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


Trent M. said...

There is NO WAY fans of the big conferences and their long tradition would go for such a proposal, even with it's many benefits.

Terry said...

I very interesting idea Mr. Shade, although it now appears South Florida will not be part of any equation this year.

Frank T. said...

The television networks would have a field day with this system, but the conferences would never go for it. It's a shame, because the advantages of such a system, or any comparable idea, would surely outweigh what we have now.