Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Frank in Florida on the GOP debate:
"Come now, do you actually think that a political party's nominating debate would reveal any point of view that is radically different from the ideology of that party? Nominees of a party are careful not to burn any bridges behind them, for obvious reasons. These intra-party debates are nothing more than cattle calls to showcase prospective nominees. Also, each party tolerates "outsiders", e.g., Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, etc. As exemplified by this debate, Ron Paul was basically ignored as an implied kook! Hopefully, the "Main Event" debates will be more substantive, informing and lively. Although, I would give my eye teeth, if I had any, to see a No Holds Barred Debate where the candidate may chose his or her weapons...who said it is not nice to hit a girl?"

Carter McCoy on another Gonzalez corruption case:
"Alberto Gonzalez -- He is like the gift to the Democrats that just keeps on giving. The last thing the GOP needs now is attacks from Reagan Republicans."

McLoud on $1 Trillion in war spending:

"How in the world to these crooks get away with this? Where is the backbone of the Democrats that were elected to stop this war spending? If they can't stop it, who can?"

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