Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

With wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, droughts ravaging the South, out-of-control energy costs and a national debt increasing by over $1 billion dollars-a-day, the Republican presidential candidates focused yesterday's debate on what matters most to their core constituents -- who is the most conservative conservative.

When not spending their allotted answer time making lame Hillary jokes, the GOP front runners continually jabbed each other over who would deliver more tax cuts to billionaires and who would be first to get us into another war with Iran.

The debate came only a day after the so-called Values Voters (all other voters evidently have no values) Conference, where each of the candidates gave pious, pandering speeches explaining how they would protect conservative (mostly southern) Christians from the evils of the other ninety-percent of us godless heathens.


Carol in Portland said...

It's not really true that ALL of the candidates were talking about nothing. Ron Paul continues to fight for the basic original core values of Republicans. His Libertarian principles of getting government out of our lives instead of on our backs and following the Constitution on all counts should resonate with everyone, but unfortunately they fall on deaf ears.

Carter McCoy said...

The GOP's treatment of Ron Paul is shameless. He speaks to the very issues they should be concerned with and they simply dismiss him because he does not tow the party line.

Frank said...

Come now, do you actually think that a political party's nominating debate would reveal any point of view that is radically different from the ideology of that party? Nominees of a party are careful not to burn any bridges behind them, for obvious reasons. These intra-party debates are nothing more than cattle calls to showcase prospective nominees. Also, each party tolerates "outsiders", e.g., Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, etc. As exemplified by this debate, Ron Paul was basically ignored as an implied kook! Hopefully, the "Main Event" debates will be more substantive, informing and lively. Although, I would give my eye teeth, if I had any, to see a No Holds Barred Debate where the candidate may chose his or her weapons...who said it is not nice to hit a girl?