Monday, October 22, 2007

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Our features on Al Gore winning the Nobel, the troubles with the college football championship series, and the GOP debate produced some lively commentary.

On the debate, Carol in Portland said:
"It's not really true that ALL of the candidates were talking about nothing. Ron Paul continues to fight for the basic original core values of Republicans. His Libertarian principles of getting government out of our lives instead of on our backs and following the Constitution on all counts should resonate with everyone, but unfortunately they fall on deaf ears."

On Gore's Nobel, Terry G. said:
"While I agree that Gore has redeemed himself with his environmental work, I still don't know that he would make a great presidential candidate. He might be a great guy and very intelligent, but he is still a bit wooden, and his personality does not translate well in staged political settings. Unfortunately, that is what most of a campaign is made up of."

Frank said...
"I heartily agree. Al Gore finally did find his voice. It just proves what one can do without the political "machine" hanging around your neck."

On the trouble with the BCS, Trent M. said:
"There is NO WAY fans of the big conferences and their long tradition would go for such a proposal, even with it's many benefits."

Fred T. said...

"The television networks would have a field day with this system, but the conferences would never go for it. It's a shame, because the advantages of such a system, or any comparable idea, would surely outweigh what we have now."

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