Friday, October 5, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

President Bush's decision last week to veto funding for the State Children's Heath Insurance Program (SCHIP) marked only the fourth time in over six years that our 43rd chief executive has felt compelled to raise his pen in protest of congressional action.

Health care for needy kids joined the ranks of stem cell research for the infirmed and providing a timeline to end the $557 billion (at last count) taxpayer-funded disaster in Iraq as the pieces of legislation our Decider-In-Chief needed to protect us all from. No other items of interest in the gargantuan pork-filled, earmarked-laden, surplus-destroying, bridge-to-nowhere funding, no-bid, GOP budgets of the recent past drew his ire, but spending the cost of one week in Iraq to secure the health of millions of our children had him whipping-out his missing pen faster than Doc Holliday. And he did so as quietly as possible.

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