Monday, October 1, 2007

Poll results give Congressional Dems low marks

Results of last week's poll question, "How do you rate the performance of the first-year Democratic Congress?" reflect a growing frustration with the new leadership.

61% of all respondents rated the Dem's performance either disappointing or very disappointing, reinforcing the common belief that they have abandoned the core issue they were sent to Washington to solve -- ending the war in Iraq.

Although the numbers don't look good to begin with, they look even worse when you consider that only 11 percent rated the Congress' job as excellent.

The leadership has been under fire from the left all year, for what they perceive to be a willingness on the part of the Democrats to appease the White House on all topics concerning Iraq, domestic surveillance programs and the ever-increasing drumbeat for military action against Iran. Last week's decision by many Dems to endorse a GOP measure to condemn liberal group for an ad criticizing the Petraeus report to Congress may have also played a part.

The final results: Excellent job - 11%, Average job - 28%, Disappointing job - 44%, Very Disappointing job - 17%.


Sandy D. said...

Wow, now the lefties are eating their own! How priceless.

Willie Choap said...

Pelosi and Reid have been disappointments from the outset, with her really being the topper. Her support of that crap with secured another vote for the Green Party in the next election. Their lack of action is inexcusable.

Frank said...

Once again, it's easy being a Monday morning quaterback and quite different from being the floundering quarterback on game day.