Friday, November 9, 2007

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Pauper Paul on administrative orders:
Bush had the ultimate "white is black, up is down" moment when they announced the plans to use these administrative orders. He said that Congress's failure to act on his agenda was akin to people looking the other way during the rise of Lenin and Stalin. In fact, it was just these types of types of power grabs that gave both of the dictators in question their extreme powers. What a comedy act this guy is."
Terry in Dallas on Rumsfeld's memos:
It's amazing that Rumsfeld lasted as long as he did in that position, but it is even more amazing that he was not more careful and media savvy with what he said in those memos and how they were distributed. I would have thought he would have been a bit more like Cheney."

Carter McCoy
on the manipulation of the press:

For a long time, the press was out-of-control in this country. Then over the past decade or so they have become scared cowards. The fact that any TV station would air some government propaganda thing without checking it out first is worse than the White House sending it."

Anonymous on
the new-look Boston Celtics:
Garnett, Allen, Pierce -- they are all good players, but the NBA product rots. I'd rather watch a bunch of high school kids than those over-priced bums."


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