Friday, November 16, 2007

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Frank on Rumsfeld and Stanford:
Hear! Hear! I wholeheartedly agree with your well thought out analysis of the Rumsfeld situation at Stanford University. I for one would be interested in hearing and possibly learning a thing or two from the "Ruminator" himself. A mind is a terrible thing to waste."
John S. on Rumsfeld and Stanford:
"Rumsfeld is a war criminal and a liar. He does not deserve to be allowed to spew his Neocon baloney to classes of college kids. If you want to know Rumsfeld's ideas and strategies, just look at the wonderful situation in Iraq -- and Pakistan and the Turkish border and Afghanistan. There have to be better options for a great school like Stanford."

Carter McCoy
on The plight of our veterans:

"Support our Troops" makes a great bumper sticker, but that's all that it is. When are people in this country going to learn that supporting the troops means keeping them out of unnecessary conflicts, giving them the best equipment, the best leadership and the best benefits? We need an entire overhaul of the Pentagon and it's veteran's policies, or our volunteer army will melt down to nothing."

Sheila M. on
The plight of our veterans:
The health care crisis in this country is just out-of-control. To think that a young person that risks his or her life for their country can be denied health insurance because they make $35,000 a year is just amazing. It's no wonder these guys are so disillusioned and depressed."
Terry in Florida on
The plight of our veterans:"It's amazing that Bush and company can continue to send these guys back for second, third and even fourth tours over there, while this mess is going on at home. One-hundred and twenty suicides a week -- that is just a staggering tragedy."


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