Sunday, November 4, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

Rumsfeld's Memos
In dozens of internal memos obtained by The Washington Post, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld directly instructed subordinates to "keep elevating the threat level" of the war on terrorism and to do a better job of "linking Iran with Iraq."

The blatant attempts to manipulate public sentiment concerning the Iraq War also called for a PR campaign to frighten the American people by "talking about Somalia and the Philippines and what a scary, dangerous world we live in."

These memos constitute direct evidence of the administration's pattern of governing through fear and disinformation, as well it's long-held (and always denied) desire to target military action against Iraq.


Terry in Dallas said...

It's amazing that Rumsfeld lasted as long as he did in that position, but it is even more amazing that he was not more careful and media savvy with what he said in those memos and how they were distributed. I would have thought he would have been a bit more like Cheney.

Jill T said...

It's amazing how this administration has played the media like a fiddle. You would have thought the "be scared, be very scared" strategy of governing would get be transparent to veteran journalists, but they all just played along with Rumsfeld baloney.