Thursday, November 29, 2007

Former UN inspector fears attack on Iran

Are the Bushies still planning a military strike on Iran? Scott Ritter thinks so.

A former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991-98, who left his position after frequent disagreements with the Clinton administration, Ritter now sees many parallels between the run-up to war in Iraq and the current drumbeat for military action against Iran.

"Let's keep in mind if we attack Iran we're guilty of no more than what we're already guilty of in attacking Iraq," Ritter said. "Hyping up a threat where one doesn't exist, going to war void of any legitimacy, violating everything we claim to stand for."
Read the entire Ritter interview here.

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Frank said...

I pray it will never happen. Not only will it turn the rest of the world against us but, simply put, we do not have the troops or the logistics to sustain another front. The American people, hopefully, will not stand for it and neither should the current administration. In the last election we voted to end the current folly; HOWEVER, our demands were ignored. Now its time to throw the bums out and elect representatives that will heed our call!!!