Sunday, December 9, 2007

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Frank on Potential war with Iran:
I pray it will never happen. Not only will it turn the rest of the world against us but, simply put, we do not have the troops or the logistics to sustain another front. The American people, hopefully, will not stand for it and neither should the current administration. In the last election we voted to end the current folly; HOWEVER, our demands were ignored. Now its time to throw the bums out and elect representatives that will heed our call!!!"

Talbot in Denver on Homegrown terrorism legislation:
"It's amazing that there has been so little discussion in the media about this legislation. This is so vague, the Feds could make a case for picking someone up for just about anything. Why in the world do we need these new laws? We have never uncovered so much as a single sleeper cell in the entire United States, yet we need to trample on our civil rights again? What the hell is going on in Washington?"

Carter McCoy on Bush and the National Intelligence Estimate:

"The trouble with intelligence assessments these days is the fact that the White House has blamed so many of their own screw ups on the intelligence community that the two sides hate each other. There are going to be a heck of a lot of fences to be mended when these jokers finally leave office --whether the next president is a Republican or a Dem."

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