Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies

Democrats Back Down Again
After weeks of blustering about getting tough with the White House on spending issues, the Democrats in both the House and Senate caved in again yesterday, agreeing to the president's budget limit without any threatened restrictions on funding for the war in Iraq or provisions to restore funding for vetoed children's health insurance.

If those two defeats were not enough, the House leadership also lost an embarrassing battle within it's own ranks, when the House Appropriations subcommittees rebelled against a plan to cut individual members' ability to add earmarks to spending bills. The plan had been proposed by Wisconsin Democrat David Obey, who had hoped to save $9.5 billion to minimize cuts to key domestic programs. So much for reform.

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Terrence in Georgia said...

The Democrats caving to Bush on everything should come as no surprise to anyone. They were elected to bring an end to this war and reverse the Bush damage on everything. Instead, they have cynically focused seemingly all of their energies on the prospect of regaining the White House next year. Its shameless and pathetic.