Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where do the Democrats stand in Florida?

Apparently there is a rift in the Democratic National Party that is not well publicized and should bring shame to the party. The D.N.C. versus the Florida Democrats or is it the Florida Democrats versus the D.N.C.? Florida legislators moved the state’s primary Up to 29 January, despite the threats of retribution from the GOP and D.N.C.

The state hoped to have a larger role in the presidential nominating process. Instead of being a good thing, the entire weight of the D.N.C. ‘body slammed’ its own party in Florida and imposed sanction after sanction as a punishment for disrupting the D.N.C.’s primary process—apparently, a bad thing (Party Chief Has Fences to Mend, Lakeland Ledger © 12/09/2007 ). The GOP was miffed but by all means did not overreact to the 29 January change.
The majority of Florida Democrats who don’t care about party politics and usually vote along party lines are left scratching their heads at this news. But do the voters see the hypocrisy within the D.N.C.? The D.N.C. continues to boycott the state; although, party sanctioned candidates are allowed to slip in and out of the state to raise money for their campaigns. As far as I’m concerned, this is equivalent to paying someone to beat the snot out of you—the more you pay the more broken bones you will have. What a way to treat future (?) constituents, in a swing state to boot...but then again what do I know?
Frank Dzieciolowski
From Florida


Franny UCONN said...

The strains that the changes in the primary skeds have placed upon the parties have been growing for months.
The situation in Florida is only the most over-the-top example.

Ken Hart said...

The RNC has also punished Florida, taking away half of their delegates, which further undermines Rudy's "Florida firewall" strategy.

Anonymous said...

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