Sunday, January 20, 2008

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Ken Hart on The Democratic Race Spat:
Yeah, the whole "race/gender" fight has been a creation of the media. (I'm still not sure what Hilary was trying to say about MLK, but it wasn't a racial slam.) Tim Russert actually looked disappointed that the candidates weren't continuing the race/gender fight! He pushed it for about 20 minutes, and they all pointedly ignored him. Afterward, the bizarre Chris Matthews even flat-out said that this debate wasn't what he wanted to hear! (Uh, Chris, it's not about you....)"
on The Democratic Debate:
"Personally, I wish the Democrats would come up with a unified policy regarding how they're going to handle the Iraq situation, before the election--or at least a concrete direction and approach. I guess the economy is shaping up to be the main issue for the voters, but I keep thinking that Iraq is just going to be a constant distraction, at best. And anyways, isn't the investment in Iraq affecting our economy as well, at least in part?"

Heartfelt on Looking Presidential:
"You are right. Look at some of the past winners and losers. For example, there is no way Ross Perot would have been worthy with those ears and small head. While a good looking man like JFK or someone with a strong appearance like Roosevelt was a shoe in."

John in Columbus on Baseball and the Mitchell Report:

"What is your evidence that people are going after Bonds because he's black? When McGwire broke the home run record, there were whispers, but the press ultimately gave him a pass. When Bonds broke his record, the press gave him a pass too, maybe more so, because I don't remember steroids even being discussed that year in the press. Whispers, of course, but no open speculation in the press."Tom May on Baseball and the Mitchell Report:
"I have to agree with Scott that race does play some part--it still hovers in our society, but is getting better--at least I hope. I don't want my little girl to be held back by her race.
I do think, though, that in Bonds' case, his personality plays a larger role, along with the fact that in his case, it wasn't just a player, but a player who has now CRUSHED the two most sacred records in baseball...the single-year, and career, Home Run records."

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