Monday, January 28, 2008

Campaign 2008: Changing the Rules

Posted by Ken Hart
Hillary Clinton, having been soundly defeated in South Carolina, is trying to shrug it off by moving on to Tuesday's primary in Florida. "But," you wonder, "what's in Florida? Sure, the Republicans are having a big primary there and Rudy's about to get his butt kicked, but I haven't heard a peep about a Democratic primary."

Florida, like Michigan, last year announced that it was moving its primary up into January, in defiance of both the Democratic and Republican party leaderships. The GOP punished Florida and Michigan by stripping those states of half their delegates; the Dem leadership went further and stripped those states of all their delegates, turning those primaries into little more than beauty contests.

The Democratic candidates for president agreed that they would respect the party leadership and not campaign in those states. However, while Barack Obama and John Edwards had their names removed from the ballot in the Michigan primary earlier this month and urged their supporters to simply vote "Uncommitted," Clinton kept her name on the ballot and thus "won" the uncontested primary. Congratulations, Miss Michigan! Not much attention was paid to this outcome at the time.

But now here is the Clinton campaign issuing a request to the Democratic Party that all Florida and Michigan delegates be seated at the Democratic Convention, so that those voters can have their "voices heard." And, coincidentally of course, Hillary Clinton will be the beneficiary of most of those poor, unwashed delegates since neither Obama nor Edwards has courted those states. Wait a second, is Clinton so spooked by the fact that she won't clinch this thing by Super Tuesday that she's now trying to change the rules? The rules that were established and agreed upon last year? As Tim Dickinson blogged on the Rolling Stone site, "It’s like changing the rules in the middle of a basketball game to count the pre-game layup drills in the final score."

Now, if you're a die-hard Clinton supporter and you're trying to parse this manipulative, bald-faced load of crap, ask yourself this question: If this were the general election, and McCain or Romney pulled this stunt against Hillary, wouldn't you be screaming and posting with five thousand exclamation points right now?


Frank said...

Mr. Cavanagh You are right on with your assessment of Hillary's tactics in this campaign. The Clinton's will do anything to achieve the nomination. With the likes of Ted Kennedy endorsing Senator Obama, you know that the Clinton's have reached the bottom. Well done Mr. Cavanagh--"Rush" couldn't have stated it better.

Frank said...

Correction! Correction! An oversight in my reply comments to the authorship of the "Campaign 2008:Changing the Rules" article. In my haste (excitement) I have inadvertently cited Mr. Cavanagh as the author of this blog when in fact Mr. Ken Hart penned this blog so eloquently. My apologies to Mr. Hart and a job well done. As for Mr. Cavanagh your lively postings in Bark Back News are well appreciated and tolerated.