Saturday, January 26, 2008

O-BOOM-A! Barack bombs Hillary in SC

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
Heading into today's South Carolina Democratic Primary, opinion appeared split among Democratic pundits and bloggers over what (if any) effect recent race-related in-fighting between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would have on the large African-American voting community in the Palmetto State.

The answer to that question came through loud and clear tonight, as exit polls proved what many in the Clinton camp had feared--the long-time crown jewel of the Clinton voting block has (at least temporarily) abandoned her for another. Obama captured nearly 80% of the black vote in South Carolina--that, coupled with a strong neck and neck finish with Clinton and John Edwards among the rest of the voting population, allowed the Illinois senator to record a key victory in the heated battle for the Democratic nomination.

Obama's dominating 54%-27% victory
, along with Edwards' strong third place showing (19%), presents a possibly troubling scenario for the Clinton campaign heading into Feb. 5's 22-state Super Tuesday showdown. If Obama continues to do incredibly well among black voters and better than her with young voters, while Edwards siphons off another 15-20% of traditional progressives--where will Hillary's majority come from?
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Frank said...

What a victory for Senator Obama! I can only hope that this victory means the beginning of the end for the Clinton's. This malady of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton(?) must be nipped in the bud.

Teddy Boy said...

Finally the Wicked Witch has been hit with some water!! Roll on Barack--roll on!!

Franny in New York said...

Let's not overdue the importance of a state like South Carolina. No other state comes near the 50% of Dem. primary voters being black like it does. That is a huge advantage for Obama that won't be present in most Super Tuesday states. Also, if Edwards does eventually drop out, a large portion of his vote should go to Hillary.

Ken Hart said...

Not only did Obama get a majority of the black vote -- he got 81% percent. Plus a huge amount of young voters. And although Edwards got the majority of the white vote, more white males voted for Obama than voted for HRC. (In fact, one commentator last night said the only demographics that Hilary got were white women and the elderly.) It was a big win. In the exit polls, many people said they made up their minds in the last 3 days, and the big majority of those people went for Obama and said they were turned off by the Clintons' attacks.

John said...

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John said...