Friday, February 1, 2008

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Kenbob on Last Night's Democratic Debate:
"I thought Barack held his own tonight. Their chummy-ness was a little surprising, to me anyway, but pleasing. They seemed to be setting themselves up to be each other's running mate. I was sorry to see Edwards fall out of the picture so early. The charisma and like-ability factor is an interesting thing."

Franny in New York Obama's Win in South Carolina:
"Let's not overdue the importance of a state like South Carolina. No other state comes near the 50% of Dem. primary voters being black like it does. That is a huge advantage for Obama that won't be present in most Super Tuesday states. Also, if Edwards does eventually drop out, a large portion of his vote should go to Hillary."

Ken Hart on Obama's Win in South Carolina:
"Not only did Obama get a majority of the black vote -- he got 81% percent. Plus a huge amount of young voters. And although Edwards got the majority of the white vote, more white males voted for Obama than voted for HRC. (In fact, one commentator last night said the only demographics that Hilary got were white women and the elderly.) It was a big win. In the exit polls, many people said they made up their minds in the last three days, and the big majority of those people went for Obama and said they were turned off by the Clintons' attacks."

Frank on
Debating Democrats:
Me thinks Obama is a bit gun shy from being double teamed by the shrewd and politically sleazy, oops, I mean savvy, team of Bill and Hillary--masters at work."

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Kenbob said...

What sounds better: Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama? I like the sound of Obama-Clinton. That would be a formidable ticket. If Hillary would only capitulate. Though capitulate really isn't the right word - it's primarily a matter of which one wins the majority, of course. I'm pretty sure a second-place Hillary would accept the position of VP, as would Obama - they pretty much said so last night. I know it sounds sexist, but it just works better to have the man as the primary and the woman as the running-mate, especially in this case, in my opinion.