Sunday, February 10, 2008

Campaign '08: Obama Bags Four; Huck Surges

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
Illinois Senator Barack Obama backed up his strong Super Tuesday performance with a clean sweep of four states on Saturday--capturing a large majority of Democratic primary voters and caucus goers in Washington, Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska. The wins pull Obama into a virtual dead heat with New York Senator Hillary Clinton in the race to capture the 2,025 delegates needed to secure their party's presidential nomination. Clinton currently leads Obama by a slim 1,100-1,039 margin in overall delegates, with Obama holding a slight edge in pledged delegates--908 to 877. In the critical category of Super Delegates, the former First Lady still holds a 223-131 advantage.

Another three states will be decided on Tuesday, when the so-called Potomac Trio of Virginia, Maryland and DC will cast their ballots. That will be the last pit stop before the big delegate fights in Texas and Ohio on March 4.

While Obama was roughing up Hillary, John McCain was busy receiving another message from unhappy conservatives who just aren't totally sold on their new frontrunner. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee beat McCain in two out of three states yesterday--besting the Arizona senator in Kansas and Louisiana. If not for McCain's razor-thin (26%-24%) victory in the state of Washington, the former Baptist minister would have made it a clean sweep. Despite the losses, McCain still holds a commanding 714-217 lead in overall delegates, with only 1,191 needed to capture the nomination.
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Ken Hart said...

Interestingly, the Washington State GOP stopped the counting after only 87% of the vote was in! Huck, understandably, is a little annoyed, considering how tight the vote is. Faced with legal action by Huck's team, the state has resumed counting.

In any event, yes, troubling news for McCain when only 26% of Republicans voted for their party's de facto nominee.