Friday, February 15, 2008

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

John Tetzloff on Clemens and Congress:
"Republicans came to Clemens' defense out of habit: they instinctively defend Texans that butcher the English language. "Misremember?" "Knowingly know?" Sound like anyone else we know? Note to Clemens: you're rich. You can afford to hire lawyers who don't look like they sell used cars on the side."Carter McCoy on Some Politicians' Defense of Clemens:

"I don't really understand what any politician stands to gain with the public by going easy on an obvious steroid abuser and cheater. The Bush pardon thing however, should surprise no one. "

Ken Hart on McCain's slim victory in Washington:
"Troubling news for McCain when only 26% of Republicans voted for their party's de facto nominee."
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