Thursday, February 7, 2008

If It's Super Tuesday, This Must Be Blogging

(Excuse the obscure movie reference.) Some information via the Associated Press last night: "Clinton led with 784 Super Tuesday delegates to Obama's 758. In Missouri, the race was so close the two candidates split the state's 72 delegates evenly. A total of 1,681 delegates were at stake in 22 states and American Samoa. There were 139 still to be awarded."

Wow. Could this thing have been any tighter? Very interesting. Clinton held onto the states that she needed, but Obama did extremely well, winning a bunch of states and delegates and apparently drawing a large chunk of Edwards supporters to his side. This is going on for a while. But as long as HRC and Obama continue to play nice like they did last week, a prolonged contest shouldn't hurt the Democrats. In fact, should Obama get the nomination, this roller-coaster ride may only serve to make him a better candidate in the general election. At this point, he also has more money than Clinton does (and most of her big contributors are already maxed out, since Hilary never expected this to continue for as long as it has), which could certainly give him an edge in the remaining contests.

Rush, James Dobson, and pals are apopleptic after the GOP results. As Andrew Sullivan sardonically said Wednesday, the logical ticket for the GOP -- based on how the party has sold itself out to religious extremists over the last decade -- would be McCain/Huckabee. Serves them right. Romney is essentially in third place now, and probably thinking about getting out. He'd need to win just about every single remaining contest to catch up.

Also, late on Tuesday, Clinton's campaign released a press statement touting her "victory" in Missouri. Ooops. Can't blame her too much for that: The AP, Reuters, and MSNBC all called the state for her, even though the polling suggested that more votes for Obama were coming. Only CNN kept quiet and avoid getting embarrassed. Where's an upset Dan Rather when you need him?
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