Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens' Congressional Testimony Comical

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
Yesterday's congressional hearings into allegations of steroid and HGH use by baseball star Roger Clemens provided some bizarre questioning from a divided panel and incredibly implausible answers from the embattled "Rocket."

For some reason, Republicans on the committee, particularly Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, took up sides with Clemens--continually insulting and degrading the pitcher's former trainer and star witness Brian McNamee.

Why in the world did they go after McNamee the way they did? What possible reason would this guy have to lie? This was his livelihood and it's probably gone forever because he was forced to testify. If he were going to lie, he'd be doing it the other way around.

Funny how Republicans act so naive when they ask McNamee why he kept the syringes, gauze etc.--and act so repulsed by it. Of course, they found nothing wrong with Monica Lewinsky keeping a semen-stained dress in her closet for years. Acting like you don't understand why McNamee kept those things is just so disingenuous. Any person that's involved doing something illegal for a rich and powerful person always needs to be prepared for they day he or she turns on them.

I honestly believe that the syringes and such were not brought out immediately because he literally did not want to hurt Clemens any more than he was forced to. After that pumpkin-headed cheater tried to completely screw the guy by setting up a leading, taped phone conversation, I think McNamee just said "f-- it, if he's going to pull this crap, I'm just going to give them everything." What I want to know from all those right-wingers, who for some reason believe everything that comes out Clemens' lying mouth, is this-- are you trying to tell me that McNamee, already without a livelihood and facing jail time for perjury and obstruction of justice, simply made this stuff up about Clemens? For what reason? You also have to believe Chuck Knoblach and Andy Pettitte (Clemens' best friend) -- who corroborate McNamee's accounts -- also lied to investigators. Why? You now also have to believe that this trainer was providing Clemens' WIFE with HGH without him knowing about it. That's right, the greatest workout maniac in the modern history of baseball says he knew "nothing" about HGH, other than what he heard on "some TV program," yet his wife knew enough about it to be requesting it from HIS trainer and taking it under his trainer's supervision. Give me a break.

The funniest part had to be the claim that Pettitte must have "misheard" when Clemens told him he was using HGH. Yeah, sure Roger, two millionaire baseball stars getting together for their regular workout and one tells the other that "I heard something on TV last night about a new drug that improves old people's quality of life." I can see how Pettitte could easily have confused that with a conversation where Clemens told him he's been using illegal performance enhancers to get an edge--something that could get him thrown out of the game. That is just completely implausible. Only one person had any reason whatsoever to lie about this--Clemens. This case is so open and shut it makes the O.J. trial look like a real whodunit. So, when do the criminal charges come down against this guy? How many World Series and playoff games did his cheating alter? Barry Bonds' team has not been in contention much. Pete Rose-managed teams never made the playoffs. Who has had a more adverse effect on the game? If Clemens is not charged after this fiasco, and the charges against Bonds are not dismissed, this whole exercise will prove to be an absolute joke.

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jftetzloff said...

Republicans came to Clemens' defense out of habit: they instinctively defend Texans that butcher the English language. "Misremember?" "Knowingly know?" Sound like anyone else we know?

Note to Clemens: you're rich. You can afford to hire lawyers who don't look like the sell used cars on the side.