Monday, March 10, 2008

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Frank on Press Treatment of Hillary/Obama:
"Yours is not a voice of reason as indicated by your article, but that of desperation. The Clintons are master manipulators who have underestimated their opponents by believing their own hype.

Hillary now has the gall to ask to have the credentials of the Florida and Michigan delegations reinstated. Hillary has won Florida but as for Michigan, she did not play by the rules and did not withdraw her name from the ballot as the other candidates did. Since she was the only name on the ballot for the Democratic Party she of course won the nomination. Now she wants all of Michigan's Democratic delegates to boot.

Bottom line, I think that Hillary has too much excess baggage to become president--it would be politics as usual. Also, if Bill and Hillary are not careful they will be instrumental in dragging down the Democratic Party even further. As for now I don't know if the Democratic Party would survive the spectacle of a brokered convention--where it would be, 'politics as usual'."
Mike Hart on Clinton Press Treatment Unfair? Hardly:
"You again made some good points in your response to the article on Hillary's electability, but comparing her with Giuliani is not an apt comparison; Hillary has focused on the big electoral states and won them all, Giuliani stupidly ignored the early primaries and put everything into Florida and was trounced.

Equating Hillary with Laura Bush is also lame; even though she was not in cabinet meetings with Bill, you know she was briefed by him on everything (unlike Laura, I am sure, because I doubt if Bush is even briefed on everything and probably doesn't even want to be bothered) and has been involved with politics/causes her whole life (she is also much more intellectually accomplished).
As for the experience issue, maybe McCain beats her there, but not by much--she has been preparing for this run for years--that is why she got on all the major foreign policy/war committees. McCain overwhelms Obama in that regard.

Listen, I think Obama would do fine as President in dealing with foreign policy--what he does not know he would find out by conversing with top, intelligent people whom I am sure he would pick--but I know Hillary is more informed on EVERY issue than he is and that showed in the debates."
**********Terry in Dallas on Press Treatment of Hillary/Obama:
"As usual, the Hillary haters want it both ways. They want you to believe that she was some kind of manipulative co-president when she was in the White House, but when she tries to use some of that experience as a qualification to hold the office, she is just the ex-president's wife trying to use sleeping in the same bed as an accomplishment. She just can't win."
Ken Hart on Clinton Press Treatment Unfair? Hardly:
"My only point with the Laura Bush comment is to highlight the easily exploited weaknesses in Hillary's claim of her "experience" in better handling stressful situations. Based on what? The fact that Bill made the decisions and talked to her about it?

Keep in mind that I believe HRC is eminently qualified to be President and I'd vote for her in a heartbeat if she were the Democratic nominee, but she is making long-term headaches for herself and the party with that argument. McCain will wonder if she made these tough calls during her USO trip with Sinbad. Again, she has the intelligence and strength to make these calls, but she's gone overboard by using her "experience" to back it up."
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Gonfalon Priquer said...

Obama Veep Outrage

Obama's defensive reaction to Clinton's suggestion he serve as her vice president demonstrates her surge in the nominating process. For this story cycle, she's controlling the agenda and he's playing along.

I'm just baffled by MSM's declaration of war against Clinton. They act as if slash and burn politics have no place in the presidential selection process, that the candidates should just clasp hands and croon Kumbaya. Maybe MSM should Google 1988, 1972, 1964 and 1948 to learn that the winners take no prisoners.