Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colin Conversation Continues...

Posted by Mike Hart
Frank: What are you talking about? Your logic is so convoluted and makes no sense. Hillary Clinton's husband and President did not invade Iraq as Dubya did; he preferred to let the world's sanctions take their effect on Saddam and they were effective. Colin Powell was either totally duped by Cheney/Bush, etc. with his U.N presentation or he was somewhat complicit with it. So, he is either a fool or a war criminal accomplice. Pick one.

I agree with Ken in that all the Dems have to do is show his now ridiculous U.N. presentation -- with the drones, etc.--to discredit him. And, by the way, they should just attach McCain's "why not 100 years" (in Iraq) soundbite on every one of their ads against him.
And what did you mean by not letting history repeat itself? Saddam Hussein had NOTHING to do with 9/11 or Al-Qaeda--as in zero/zilch. It was also just proven--by the Pentagon--by virtue of 600,000 documents captured from Saddam. (See this link from "Countdown.")Also, I do not see where anyone referred to you or other Bush defenders as "us morons."
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Shadowdancer said...

First I’d like to state that I am not, in ANY way, defending ANYTHING that Bush has done. In fact I find most (if not all) of Bush’s decisions to be both reprehensible and immoral. However, I agree with Frank’s reply and have a few things of my own to add…

Colin Powell has served this country for over 35 years and in that time rose to the rank of General. During this time he has: Earned countless medals and badges (including: the Purple Heart; Legion of Merit; Pathfinder Badge; Air Assault Badge; and the Presidential Medal of Freedom to name a few); Served in Vietnam and Korea; Became the National Security Advisor under the Reagan Administration; Became an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath; Received several foreign awards and honors; As well as performing many other extraordinary acts. And now you’re trying to tell me just because he happened to be apart of the Bush administration his past accomplishments mean nothing?

Also, Mike Hart, it’s easy to pick apart someone else, but before you do I urge you to look at yourself and see what you’ve done that leaves such a meaningful impact on this world. Instead of mocking Colin Powell you should treat him with the honor and respect he deserves, (as well as any of our brave soldiers) for without them America would not be the free land it is today (I see you are already familiar with the “Freedom of Speech”). I’m not going to pretend that I know you personally; however the visage that you present is that of a pompous self-righteous ass.