Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ohio/Texas Alamo-Hillary's Last Stand?

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
It seems like only a few weeks ago that Hillary Clinton was the front runner for the Democratic nomination, and she and her husband the standard-bearers for the base of the party--the two voices that mattered the most. Wait a minute--that was only a few weeks ago.

Has anyone with the Clintons' reputation and accomplishments fallen quicker in the eyes of their own party than this unlikely collapse? Just how hard and embarrassing a tumble it turns out to be will be determined to a great extent today, when two of the remaining three states with sizeable delegate counts—Texas and Ohio—cast their votes.

This was all supposed to have been determined by Super Tuesday, and for all intent and purpose it was, unfortunately for Hillary and her supporters the determination reached was that Barack Obama was the face of the future and the new voice of the Democratic Party.

Now after 11 straight defeats and facing a seemingly insurmountable delegate deficit, the once mighty Clinton machine has erected it’s final firewalls—and even a win in the Buckeye State won’t be enough to change the tide without a surprising victory in her own little Alamo of Texas.


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