Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Iraq War Costs Top $500 Billion

With most of the country concentrating on primaries to determine our next president, the actions of the current one continue to bleed the nation's treasury dry. As we've noted each day (to the right), the Iraq War is costing nearly $13 billion every month. That total sat at roughly $350 billion when we started keeping track in July. Tonight it will top the $500 billion mark--$150 billion in less than eight months.

The war that George Bush said would cost the American taxpayer no more than $60 billion and Dick Cheney predicted would pay for itself, has now cost us a half-trillion dollars--that's TRILLION... with a "T". Five years, a half-trillion bucks, 33,000 dead and wounded soldiers and no end in sight. Now our own budget office estimates the total costs to eventually top $1.6 trillion, and we have more combat troops in Iraq than at any other time. This is the platform John McCain plans to run on?
Posted by Scott Cavanagh
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