Friday, March 14, 2008

More on Colin Powell...

Let’s see now, if I followed your logic about Colin Powell being easily misled by Cheney and his nefarious gang of cohorts and therefore would be poor choice for vice president, I can only conclude (logically) that Hillary Clinton would be a poor choice for president because she was easily misled by the Bush administration. Furthermore, Hillary had an advantage over the rest of “us morons” with the eight plus years as first lady and her time as a senator.

It also came to light recently that Saddam Hussein had greatly underestimated the United States' intention to attack Iraq. In fact, Hussein was playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with the UN inspectors that resulted in dire consequences for himself and his country. There is more to be disclosed. It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and cite a list of so called ‘935 plus lies’ whose sole purpose is to ridicule and attempt to define its own history rather than to be used as a tool to set the record straight so that history may not repeat itself. For this task we need serious unbiased individuals and not name-callers.
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Ken Hart said...

Your logic is faulty, Spock. As a few earlier posts indicated, I'm not the biggest HRC fan around, but you're overlooking the fact that Colin Powell was actually the Secretary of State at the time. He had access to all the breaking information directly from the source, not the distilled intel that the administration passed on to Congress. Frankly, Powell had a choice to make, and he favored loyalty to Bush over his responsibility to make sure the information he presented to the U.N. was ironclad. Sure, Powell, you, and anyone else can blame George Tenet. Absolutely, he should be held accountable. And what was Tenet's punishment for his failures? Bush gave him a medal.

Hussein's bad judgment regarding U.S. intentions has actually been public knowledge for years. The recent news account about his interrogator simply gave us a personal touch to it. In any event, Hussein's delusions have no impact on the validity of the, yes, 935+ lies. (Perhaps you'd prefer the kinder, gentler "misspeak.") It's unfortunate that you don't seem to see much value in a collection of facts, since only by recognizing how we as a country got into this fiasco can we do as you suggest, i.e., avoid a repetition in the future. Also, "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" is a cute reference, but out of place here. It assumes that no criticisms were raised about the buildup to the war while the propaganda campaign was going on. If you accepted the Bush administration's word at the time, then that's your issue, not mine.

As for "name-callers," Frank, I can only presume you mean my reference to Ahmed Chalabi as a "greedy opportunist." You're right. That was wrong of me. Donald Trump is a greedy opportunist. Chalabi embellezed hundreds of millions of dollars, defrauded his own people, and helped funnel false information about Iraq's nonexistent mobile biological weapons factories -- information that Powell used in his U.N. presentation. Ahmed Chalabi is far worse than a greedy opportunist. So to Mr. Trump and greedy opportunists worldwide, I apologize for placing Chalabi in their august midst.