Thursday, March 13, 2008

Powell a Great VP Choice? Not Anymore

Posted by Ken Hart
Powell would have been a good GOP veep choice ... in 2000. Today, you'd have to question the wisdom of choosing anybody directly involved in the Bush Administration's cascade of 935+ lies leading up to the Iraq War. Powell has largely stayed out of the public eye since his resignation, and with good reason.

As McCain's running mate, he would be asked every day to defend his presentation to the United Nations -- the turning point in the invasion PR build-up.

Sure, Powell can take the high road and say that he meant well, but what does it say about the brains of McCain's veep choice if he could be misled so easily by Cheney, Tenet, and greedy opportunists like Chalabi and subsequently ruin his reputation before a global audience?

It's one thing for McCain to say that he supported the invasion but would have prosecuted it differently, but it's another thing to have a member of that invasion team on the ticket. The cons would outweigh the pros.
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Frank said...

Let’s see now, if I followed your logic about Colin Powell being easily misled by Cheney and his nefarious gang of cohorts and therefore would be poor choice for vice president, I can only conclude (logically) that Hillary Clinton would be a poor choice for president because she was easily misled by the Bush administration. Furthermore, Hillary had an advantage over the rest of “us morons” with the eight plus years as first lady and her time as a senator. It also came to light recently that Saddam Hussein had greatly underestimated the United States intention to attack Iraq. In fact, Hussein was playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with the UN inspectors that resulted in dire consequences for himself and his country. There is more to be disclosed. It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and cite a list of so called ‘935 plus lies’ whose sole purpose is to ridicule and attempt to define its own history rather than to be used as a tool to set the record straight so that history may not repeat itself. For this task we need serious unbiased individuals and not name-callers.