Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As Dems Battle, McCain Eyes Powell and WH

Posted by Carter McCoy
It's really comical to watch everyone on the left bicker over which of their presumptive presidential nominees can tell the biggest lie about when they plan on having our troops out of Iraq or act more disingenuously shocked by the other's campaign tactics.

The arrogance of it is just stunning. It's so very reminiscent of the liberal intelligentsia's certainty that John Kerry would crush simpleton George W. Bush in 2004. Here was the weakest incumbent candidate in history and the Democrats couldn't figure out a way to beat him--even with the worst economy since the last Bush and a war without an end in sight.

This time around, they can't wait to pat themselves on the back every five minutes for being so progressive and propagating such groundbreaking candidates. Of course they have avoided the $10,000 question as consistently as possible--can either of these two agents of change beat John McCain in a general election?

All this talk about Republicans rebelling against McCain and either staying at home or crossing over to vote for Obama is also a media fantasy. Oh, yeah--the Bible belt will be turning out in droves to vote for the liberal black guy with the Muslim-sounding name. Don't even get me started on what they think of Hillary.

All of the liberal wishes in the world will not make McCain the doddering, tired Bob Dole they'd like to portray him as. McCain might be cranky at times and as conservative as Tom Delay on a lot of issues, but he is no stiff suit or media bumpkin. This is a guy who is as comfortable on The Daily Show as he is on Meet The Press, with more experience at the highest levels of government than Obama and Hillary combined, and a record of service to his country that is virtually unparalleled.

And he has not even used his trump card. If last weekend's Sunday morning gabfests are any indication, General Colin Powell is on the short list of people McCain is considering as a running mate. If the former Joint Chiefs chairman and Secretary of State has any interest of his own, that list will become very small, very fast--in fact it will no longer be a list at all.

So let the twin Democrat media darlings ponder whether they would make a great dream ticket and which one should top the bill. If McCain adds Powell to his team, that ticket will get punched for a one-way trip to second place, and it will be the GOP that makes history on Inauguration Day '09.
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Ken Hart said...

Powell would have been a good GOP veep choice ... in 2000. Today, you'd have to question the wisdom of choosing anybody directly involved in the Bush Administration's cascade of 935+ lies leading up to the Iraq War. Powell has largely stayed out of the public eye since his resignation, and with good reason.

As McCain's running mate, he would be asked every day to defend his presentation to the United Nations -- the turning point in the invasion PR build-up.

Sure, Powell can take the high road and say that he meant well, but what does it say about the brains of McCain's veep choice if he could be misled so easily by Cheney, Tenet, and greedy opportunists like Chalabi and subsequently ruin his reputation before a global audience?

It's one thing for McCain to say that he supported the invasion but would have prosecuted it differently, but it's another thing to have a member of that invasion team on the ticket. The cons would outweigh the pros.