Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton Wins--But Does It Change Anything?

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
Hillary Clinton got her desperately needed victory in Pennsylvania yesterday--besting rival Barack Obama in the last large battleground state primary and keeping alive her slim hopes of overtaking him for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The win itself may not have been as important to the former First Lady as the margin of victory. The New York Senator's 55%-45% triumph not only produced needed delegates, it should also produce a vital influx of both energy and cash into a campaign in continuing need of both.

Meanwhile, Obama and his staff know that time and hard numbers are on their side. They simply need to play smart and protect their lead, but as countless fourth quarter comebacks have proven--the prevent defense often prevents nothing but victory.
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gonfalon priquer said...

So Hill wins another battleground state with white and blue collar voters lifting her. How quaint, sniff the condescending Obama supporters. What will those same supporters be bleating while they cry in their chardonnay when those voters elevate McCain to narrow victory in November?

Clinton in '12

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott!!

I'm VERY happy you're back!!! Whether I agree with you or not, it’s always great to see you do what you do best – report the facts “with enthusiasm” … keep up the GREAT work!!