Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Judgment Day in PA--Dems Finally Hit Polls

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
All the talk of salty Reverends and Bosnian tarmacs gets put on the back burner today, as Democratic voters in the Keystone State finally get their say in determining whether the contentious race for their party's presidential nomination will continue straight through to a convention floor battle.

Anything less than a convincing win by Senator Hillary Clinton in this last major electoral battleground will likely create a wave of popular sentiment (even among some of her most ardent supporters) for her to drop out of the race and unite the party against the increasingly confident campaign of GOP nominee John McCain.

A big Clinton victory (eight percentage points or more) however, will almost certainly guarantee that the fight will go on full-bore through the May 6 primary battles in Indiana and North Carolina. Even wins in both Pennsylvania and Indiana will do Clinton little good without surprise showings in at least two states that now lean heavily toward Obama. Her dream scenario is a big win tonight, followed by two more wins in Indiana and West Virginia and better-than-respectable results in North Carolina and Kentucky. Those are some big hypotheticals for a campaign currently hanging on by a thread again--at least for a few more hours.
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Ken B. said...

Well, Clinton is leading by 10 percentage points with 85% of the vote in at 11:00 tonight. It's not over. Watched Clinton's speech, now watching Obama's -- he's definitely the better speaker and motivator, even in defeat in the PA battle.
What bothers me about Obama's speech going on right now is the three teenage goons standing behind him wearing Abercrombie & Fitch tee-shirts with that company's logos emblazoned on their chests. Are they being paid by A&F? Or are they just dorky drones? It's distracting.