Friday, October 3, 2008

Some lessons from last night's VP debate

--Wasilla, Alaska is now the "Heartland" of America. And I thought it was just the meth lab capitol.

Winking at the camera is now an acceptable part of a debate over the future of the free world. I actually thought that was just something Tina Fey made up for character effect--but Palin actually does it. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi's non-stop blinking would work for or against her in such a circumstance?

She may consider herself an agent of change, but one thing will apparently stay the same in Washington as long as Sarah is around--someone awfully close to the Big Bomb Button will not know how to pronounce the word nuclear. In fine Bush tradition, she would control our Nuke-U-ler arsenal--whatever that is. Nice education in the new Heartland.

--Evidently, Governor Palin did study some history at the five colleges she attended, as she mentioned Civil War General McClelland in her answer about troop strength in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, she named him as the current commanding general in that country. That man is actually Gen. David McKiernan.
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