Monday, October 20, 2008

Barking Back: Top Reader Comments

Mike Hart on The Final Debate:
"I listened to the second half of the debate at work and saw the last ten minutes. When it was over I heard many of the pundits saying McCain had done a really good job; however, I then watched the debate in its entirety on tape and I did not see that - and I do not think it is because I am going for Obama.Obama was very cool when facing Mac's scurrilous attacks but he handled them all well - especially the Ayers thing (great concise explanation ) and the new stupid ACORN thing (although he should have pointed out that Mac was the key speaker at an ACORN rally in 2006).

Mac got off a good line on not being Bush but Obama had countered that line before and after the line with his remarks how Mac is like Bush with his voting record.

Obama destroyed Mac on health care and left Mac looking stunned as he ripped Mac's lame "fine" thing. The average cost for Americans health coverage is $12,000 by most accounts, not $5,800 as Mac claims and even if it is that number, you still take a loss with his $5,000 credit (if you lose coverage) - so who wants a loss?

Obama gives Mac too much credit on too many things, like the torture issue, an issue that Mac has gone back on. Credit Obama for not doing his slight stammering as much this time and for not agreeing with Mac that much this time.

Great job by Obama clarifying that "Joe the Plumber" would not lose coverage under his plan and small business would not either. No one said "Joe the Plumber" was rich except Mac trying to be funny, fell flat - as did his wealth distribution warfare thing.The Dems should highlight Mac's statement that they and abortion groups make too much of a woman's health when dealing with abortion - that should be all over ads!Thought Obama should have corrected Mac on many things when Mac lied/erred but maybe he felt that would use too much time. How could Obama have voted against Breyer? He was not even a Senator then. I think Mac meant Alito and Roberts. Obama should have pointed this out - it would have showed Mac had another "senior moment.""
Carter McCoy on The Final Debate:
"I think McCain may have made up more ground in this last debate than people think. He clearly dominated the first 45 minutes or so and made some very strong points about income redistribution and his own record. This was at worst a tie for McCain. "
Anonymous on McCain's Attacks:
"Casual T--Do you really believe the "hate" speech is going in only one direction in this campaign? Good heavens C.T., have you heard anything that democratic supporters have said about Palin, her family, and even the birth of her child? Are you completely dismissing all of that hate speech? Apparently the feminist movement does? Biggest lesson learned in this election--feminists leaders in America are only concerned about like-minded liberal women. U.S. feminists leaders are AMAZINGLY silent in defense or support of women who are unjustly attacked, and happen to have a conservative viewpoint."
TennisBum on Thoughts from the Editorial Board:
"If you think Obama won't raise taxes on the middle class as well as the wealthy you are naive. Clinton gave the same promise back in 1992 saying he would only raise taxes on those making over $200k. In 1993 he raised taxes on all but the poorest class."
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