Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thoughts From The Editorial Board...

Boxcar John: The debate was unremarkable. Both men said what you expected them to say. Obama had a chance to seal the deal: had he shown some passion in addition to his mastery of the issues, he might have cemented his lead irrevocably in place. Instead he was once again dispassionate and aloof. McCain, on the other hand, needed to somehow show new energy and ideas, and instead he stuck to the same old script. Verdict: McCain has just enough life left that some unforeseen event could conceivably push him back in it, but time is running out fast.

Fast Kenny:
I thought McCain sounded disjointed and incoherent many times and ineffective at making his case. Both dealt mainly in generalities, but Obama sounded more coherent and more convincing in that he has a general plan and set of guiding principles and priorities that will help the country.

Obama briefly zinged McCain on McCain's past deregulation efforts, an issue I'd hoped Obama would hammer on more. "Cronyism" was a term McCain mentioned more than once, as something he detested, which is odd considering that was the enabling factor of McCain's entire career. McCain also brought up his across-the-board spending freeze plan for all government programs, which though it seems like a sledgehammer approach to a complicated budget, I don't know that it's not necessary in order to draw needed attention.

The predicted mud-slinging didn't happen tonight and the discussion was focused mostly on economic and foreign policy issues, which I think worked in Obama's favor. I guess McCain is nobly relegating the mud-slinging to his lipstick-wearing pit bull side-kick.
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