Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FINAL HOWLS: Election Day Diaries

This election will be characterized by massive turnout, but not just because blacks and young voters will turnout in record numbers. Fear driven whites will also turn out in massive numbers in response to the prospect of a black man being president.

In the past, strong turnout by Republicans and conservatives has been enough to overcome the numerical advantage of Democrats. That won't be the case in this election. The surge in white voters will be impressive, and keep it from being a complete landslide, but it won't turn the tide of this election. For once everybody votes, and Obama wins.

If McCain loses he has no one to blame but himself. He was the perfect candidate to beat Obama: a reasonably conservative guy who could appeal to most conservatives, but with a well established reputation as a straight-talking maverick who would vote his conscience over party politics if it was for the good of the country. His resume, and most importantly character, could appeal to independents--especially independents who might be hesitant to vote for an untested black man in a time of crisis.

But McCain sold out. The country watched as he changed positions to pander to the right wing. We watched as he picked a supremely unqualified person to be VP because he thought she could win him votes. And we watched as he ran a slanderous campaign that simply lied about his opponent. His impressive reputation, which could have won him the election, was gone.
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