Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Draws Record Crowd in Columbus

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
A crowd estimated at over 50,000 flooded the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse yesterday to hear Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama make one last appeal for their support on Election Day.

The rally felt a bit more like a religious revival or a concert than a political event--with dignitaries from Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman to Governor Ted Strickland serving as nothing more than Steve and Edie warm-up acts to Obama's Sinatra star power. The Illinois Senator did not disappoint. Blessed with perfect weather to augment his near-perfect delivery and diction, the Democratic nominee rifled through a series of topics in a relatively short time-focusing on some of the main stump speech standards (McCain's support of Bush policies, his lacking health care plan, etc.) that have been gaining traction with voters for weeks.

According to Coleman, the rally was the largest of its kind in Ohio history.
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