Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Republicans' mystery opponent

By Scott Cavanagh
The current Republican presidential candidates have done their best to tear each other to pieces this primary season, but they've still managed to save their biggest and juiciest attacks for the man the winner will face this November. The question is—who is this guy they are railing against?

The man they keep attacking is a Kenyan Muslim Socialist who has presided over the fall of our economy, raised everyone’s taxes through the roof, regulated small businesses into bankruptcy, gutted our military into ineffectiveness and accomplished nothing legislatively.

I’m not sure who that person is. I do know this—the man currently in the Oval Office is an American Christian who has presided over 22 consecutive months of economic growth, saved the U.S. auto industry and its thousands of jobs from extinction and lowered the taxes of virtually every citizen. The same guy has signed three increased defense budgets while presiding over the end of the Iraq War, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the freeing of American hostages from pirates and the end of the Qaddafi and Mubarak regimes in the Middle East.

That same opponent also proposed tax incentives for businesses that keep jobs here in the U.S.; made student loans available to thousands more young people and provided health care to millions of citizens—all while dealing with the worst inherited economy since the Great Depression and the most hostile do-nothing Congress in history.

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