Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You have got to be kidding me

What in the Hell is going on with ESPN and their endless promotion of freakin’ Ronda Rousey? I know they have a contract with UFC, but this is ridiculous.

This woman competes in a “sport” that was invented like five years ago against about 100 competitors world-wide and they treat her like she’s Michael Jordan. They had her HOSTING SportsCenter tonight—why?!? They actually had a poll up tonight where they asked the question—What is the greatest signature move in the history of sports? Was it Mariano Rivera’s split-finger fastball (which resulted in a record 652 saves over 20 years), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook (the most deadly weapon in the history of basketball, which led to him being the game’s all-time leading scorer) or –get this—Ronda Rousey’s arm bar. Are you kidding me? Not only is it sickening and insulting to compare this in any context—consider that she has also had a total of 12 fights—12!!

ESPN has also had the balls to give this chick female athlete of the year two years-in-row. They actually gave it to her this year over Serena Williams—who had one of the most dominant years in the history of sport. Man, they are one grotesque advertising vehicle. The funny part about the Serena thing is that not only is Serena an all-time great athlete—my money is that she could kick Ronda Rousey’s ass as well.

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